Brand: ONE
Creative Director: DJ Bowser
Designer: Patrick Castro
Writers: Madeline Szrom, Jenny Der, Kent Lam
Illustrator: Chris DeLorenzo
Project Manager: Olivia Watson
Product Marketing Lead: Caitlin Aybinder

At ONE, we believe every person can lead a rich life, however they define that. 

The ONE banking app, debit Mastercard®, and account benefits can help customers get ahead with features like no monthly fees, earning up to 5.00% APY on your Savings, putting your Savings on autopilot with Pay Autosave, and earning up to 3% cash back at Walmart with eligible deposits. 

During my time at ONE, my role was focused on digital brand experiences across social, email, and brand comms. From introducing a refreshed email design system to launching their Credit Builder program (coming soon!) to guiding the brand into their first foray into photography, here’s a round up of creative work.

A Refreshed Email Design System
Email is the most intimate relationship between our brand and our customers.
A key channel in communicating product and engaging with customers throughout their lifecycle.

ONE’s email system was in need of a refresh. Both in the content structure and visuals to reflect the ever-evoling brand identity.

The solution was to create a email design system that creative and marketing can leverage to scale comms with a consistent brand look and feel.

The application of the new email design system led to refreshed templates, modules to A/B test messaging, banners to establish content hierarchy, and a channel aligned with the evolving ONE brand identity.  

A social first branded franchise
Organic social is a place of discovery, education, and engagement.
It’s the perfect channel to launch a social-first franchise.

Meet ONE Tips — a bite-sized series focused on educating new (and even existing) customers on product features. I lead the concepting and design direction for this vertical across various topics. such as 5.00% APY, cash back, and ways to pay with ONE.

ONE Tips - 3 Ways to Pay with ONE

ONE Tips - 5.00% APY

A Banking Campaign Designed For You

The brand marketing team came to the creative team asking to come up with a banking concept to articulate that ONE offers banking like products, solutions, and services - across a banking line and banking creative.

Part one of this project was a banking line - identifying a compelling, differentialed expression that ONE can use as a consistent, recurring element in comms.

The second half was a banking creative that uses the new banking line) to build creative proof of concepts of how ONE can be an independent brand inside and outside the Walmart ecosystem.    

Banking, only better 

Bank different, bank better

Two banking lines were then applied in a regionalized approach using regional context and locally relevant language.  

Banking, only better 
Regionalized — Dallas, Texas

Bank different, Bank better
Regionalized — Dallas, Texas

Whilst we landed on two campaign banking lines, here’s a round up of a few favorites.  

Paid Social Creative

During my time at ONE, paid media efforts were being ramped up across key value props for prospecting new customers to download the app. I partnered with the the paid and brand teams on concepting, ideating, and designing a series of evergreen paid content.