Brand: Byte
Creative Director:
Aaron Jacob
Art Director: Caoimhe O’Byrne
Photographer: Felisha Tolentino
Videographer: Geoff Sean Levy
Sr. Copywriter: Karlee Hehemann
Sr. Designer: Stephanie Lindgren
Designer + Social Strategy: Patrick Castro

Our customers have plenty of options for aligning their teeth. But why do they choose Byte®? We’ve heard plenty of insight about how our brand stands out because we make our customers feel empowered to start their aligner journey. This campaign will explore Byte’s inherent connection to confidence. 

At the center of the campaign, we’ll share intimate moments of achieving confidence through the lens of 4 different narratives. Each one touching on an aspect of what might be holding our customer back from discovering what’s possible. We’ll speak directly to this point by flipping a common phrase and reimagining what confidence can do for someone when possible is everything. 

Byte is not the resolution in each of these moments, but the support. 
We’re the everyday ritual that reminds our customer that now is the perfect time to create their moment—and that their best self is always available when they look in the mirror. 

As our campaign shows us across channels, we’ll speak to where they’re at in the journey towards starting with Byte. But our core message will remain the same: Choosing Byte means choosing to align with confidence.

Campaign Photography Photography by Felisha Tolentino

The Campaign The following outlines known elements when it comes to photography and video as we audition others like typography, layout, and color choices. This process of selection will help us to align on how our Q1 Campaign will visually manifest by trying out different elements and understanding how they fit together to tell our story.


For the brand’s first ever campaign, a soft cream and a vibrant chamois were introduced. Byte red is carefully considered —primarily used in the logo. Color is broken down by percentages of usage.


As our primary typeface, Maison Neue is a dependable and functional font that performs flawlessly while still exuding personality and elegance.

Chronicle Deck is a hardworking serif will give us an editorial edge whilst also being versatile and utilitarian enough for usage across the various mediums and executions of our campaign.

We’re telling the story of confidence—so we want to make sure our campaign evokes that feeling.

Image + Layout
A system of editorial layouts that can flex across square, vertical, and horizontal formats. [Images shown as X’s] 

Frame + Card
A system of frames and cards over imagery that adds a distinct campaign element to full bleed images.

Cards can be filled with color and typography, and brought to life with subtle animations that create a modular transitional element—bringing added visual interest to applications such as social assets and video content. 

Campaign Video Stills

Produced + Directed by Sean Geoff Levvy

Social Campaign Launch
Lead the align with confidence campaign strategy launch on organic social responsible for design and execution alongside the Chief Creative Officer and Art Director.  

Campaign OOH
Proof of Concepts

Growth Marketing Creative
Led the design direction on a variety of brand marketing and paid marketing initatives.

Referral Launch Program Social Creative

Programmatic Ad Creative

Territory Foods
Katherine Alexandra New York